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Reliable motoring law solicitors

At Sarfo Solicitors, we treat every client with care. This ensures that your case is dealt with personally as well as professionally. Our team of motoring law solicitors have a wealth of experience and specialised knowledge in motoring offences. You can always depend on us to defend you in court. We are based in Cambridge and offer legal support throughout East Anglia.

Since 1999 we have offered you legal aid when you need it the most. We understand the urgency that is often required when it comes to legal representation. Contact us today for efficient legal aid that puts you first.

Legal aid at short notice

•  Road traffic and motoring specialist

•  Legal aid

•  Legal support for speeding

•  Driving penalties

•  Document and insurance offences

•  Magistrates and Crown Courts

•  Police station attendance

Representation for a number of motoring offences

Your first choice for help on resolving any motoring law issues

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